Ghostbusters 2016 opens in theaters in just a matter of days. The latest news for the movie hints at good things until the end of the reel.

The recent premiere for the Ghostbusters reboot proved to be a spectacle. The lead stars looked glamorous and fans donned character costumes in honor of the franchise. While the jury is still out until July 15, producer Amy Pascal has already hinted at the possibility of sequel.

Perhaps to sweeten the pot and draw audiences to the cinemas, Screen Rant revealed a surprise in the post credits scene. Hence, it has advised viewers to stick around for what it called the reboot’s “one last joke” at the end. Although given the details of the joke, it could suggest the story angle for a sequel.

In the scene, Patty Tolan is listening to the tape player they collected earlier in the story. Supposedly, it’s connected to the paranormal occurrence called electronic voice phenomena, EVP for short. Patty eagerly shared with the team what she heard. However, the word “Zuul” did not make any sense to the any of them. Hence, they went about their work in the lab.

Interestingly, “Zuul” was a character from the first “Ghostbusters” movie. The publication recalled it as the supernatural creature that possessed Dana Barrett. Its union with Gozer nearly destroyed the Big Apple and the Earth. Fortunately, the Ghostbusters team came along to save the day.

On the other hand, was it another throwback to the original films of the franchise? The publication noted the rather generous number of images that hinted at this. Perhaps none more obvious than the resurrection of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The return cameo of this iconic symbol that terrorized New York was accidentally revealed when the latest TV spots for the “Ghostbusters” reboot came out.