When Kobe Bryant took off his L.A. Lakers jersey for the last time, fans didn’t foresee the Black Mamba donning a proton pack to join the “Ghostbusters.”

Kobe Bryant certainly isn’t one to rest on his laurels. The NBA legend recently filmed a promotional video for “Ghostbusters” 2016. Hence, ESPN asked if Hollywood is the next career move for him. The promo for the movie airs at Game 1 of the NBA Finals, The Players’ Tribune reported.

In the behind-the-scenes photos shared by the publication, it seems like retirement suits Kobe Bryant well as he looks dashing in a suit behind a desk. Behind him is a wall art that features a black mamba snake, Mail Online wrote. Bryant looked very professional in his business attire while talking on a headset.

However, fans are in for a surprise after the fade as Bryant finds himself in a room packed with Ghostbusters equipment. Then comes the pivotal moment of the shoot when Bryant suits up and puts on his proton pack. The NBA legend transformed into Mamba, the Ghostbuster. The publication cited Bryant’s undeniable happiness as he held the trademark weapon of the Ghostbusters.

Kobe Bryant has saved the game countless times for the L.A. Lakers. However, can the NBA legend do the same for “Ghostbusters” 2016 in the last two minutes before it premieres in July? To date, the franchise reboot remains beset by controversy surrounding its female casting and infamous movie trailers.

Meanwhile, actor Dan Aykroyd continues to sing praises for “Ghostbusters” 2016. Aykroyd attended the recent American Film Institute’s 43rd Life Achievement Award and shared more details about the reboot to Extra. “Oh man, it’s hot. I read the script and those girls are gonna kill it,” Aykroyd told the publication.

“You’ve got four amazing cast members there; Melissa [McCarthy], Kristin [Wiig], Leslie [Jones], then Kate McKinnon, and it’s gonna introduce a whole new generation of females. We need women ‘Ghostbusters,’ so you’ll have a bunch of kids there who’ve never seen it before and they’re gonna see it and go back and watch the other two, and so that’s a great way to keep it alive,” Aykroyd added. Without a doubt, his statements target the misogynist accusations against “Ghostbusters” 2016.