Ghostbusters 2016 has been receiving backlash from all corners, and it is far from over.

Here are some reasons why fans love it while others don’t.

1. The all-female crew

Fans of the 80s grew up watching guys teaming up to hunt for ghosts. This year’s reboot has been totally new.  According to comScore’s survey of ticket buyers, director Paul Feig’s choice of cast was the third most cited reason that people went to see the movie.

2. The cameos

The film has several cameos from the original cast. However, their presence did not feel like they provided the much-needed laugh.

3. Chris Hemsworth

The Thor actor’s character is a little bit off, too.

The pretty secretary was made too dumb to be appealing for the audience even if it is Chris Hemsworth. Movie Pilot pointed out several scenes where Hemsworth’s character just doesn’t know how to use the phone at all, which is unrealistic.

4. Race issue

Leslie Jones has been highlighted as an outsider in the crew. Technically, she is as she joined the group when the characters of Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig and Kate McKinnon are already hunting ghosts.

However, fans hate it when it was always mentioned in the movie that she is the only Ghostbuster who is not a scientist. Movie Pilot cited one scene when Wiig’s character said “we are three scientists and Patty.”

5. More sequels to come  

We usually get thrilled when there are news about a sequel of our favorite movie. This may not be the case for Ghostbusters 2016.

Sony marketing and distribution chief Josh Greenstein said there might be more sequels for the iconic franchise. He said this is just a restart of one of our most important franchises in the industry. However, in comparison to several other franchises that have been relaunched, such as Star Wars, Star Trek and more, Ghostbusters 2016 did not deliver what it is expected and fans did not feel nostalgic.

Ghostbusters 2016 won the Friday box office in North America with an estimated $17.2 million but was immediately overtaken by The Secret Life of Pets.