A photograph taken at the Good Life Festival in Brisbane that showed an eerie figure of a girl with a teddy bear has gone viral over the internet. The confirmation by the Good Life Festival management that the photo is legitimate has made matters more mysterious.

The photograph shows the crowd in the forefront with the lit up stage facing them at a distance. At a glance, nothing seemed wrong with the image. But a closer look would reveal a shadowy figure of a girl standing on the roof of a warehouse behind the stage. At first, it could be mistaken for a tuft of cloud, but a careful look at it would show the actual figure in a white dress and loose black hair. The girl in the image was even holding a teddy bear.

According to a statement released on Facebook by the Good Life Festival management, the image was investigated and it appeared to be genuine.

“We have checked with the photographer who took the photo and the original image from the memory stick also shows the girl,” the statement read as quoted by the Yahoo 7 News. “We have since spoken with the Brisbane Showgrounds who have revealed that ground staff refuse to go near one of the old warehouses after repeated sightings of a young girl. It is rumoured a little girl named Lucy died at the site in the early 1900’s and has haunted it since.”

According to Good Life, the girl’s name is Lucy Jane McConnell who died in 1900s after falling off the roof. A commenter on the post said that she was the daughter of the president of the RNA Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland which owns the Brisbane Showgrounds, the New Zealand Herald reported.

However, some smelled foul play as the image of the girl, according to them, is similar to the ghost in the video game “Grand Theft Auto 5.” Some even compared it to the spirit in the Japanese horror movie, “The Ring.”