Ghost Hunters Season 11 is set to premiere Wednesday night for its last season of paranormal investigation on Syfy.

Fans of the network’s long-running show were saddened when Jason Hawes announced recently that the show is coming to an end on Syfy. Although Hawes said there are new plans in the works for Ghost Hunters, it hasn’t been discussed as of yet.

Hawes also teased that Ghost Hunters will continue after Season 11, but not on Syfy. “GH is not concluding after Season 11. It is only concluding on SyFy. In addition to the radio show, we are looking for other outlets to continue our work and Ghost Hunters,” he told Huffington Post.

Since the show is now on its final season on Syfy, what can we expect from Ghost Hunters Season 11?

1. Many are hoping for a Hawes-Grant reunion this season. Fans are expecting co-founder and original co-lead Grant Wilson to make another appearance on Ghost Hunters Season 11. Grant was Hawes’ co-host when the show started in 2004. He left the show in 2012.

The reunion of the two GH stars was already confirmed but only for Hawes’ radio show, Beyond Reality Radio.

2. Hawes will still star in Ghost Hunters Season 11 along with Steve Gonsalves. Other investigators – Samantha Hawes, Dave Tango, Dustin Pari, and K.J. McCormicka – are also coming back.  Famous celebrities are also expected to appear this season.

3. According to Poptower, the TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) team will visit locations such Crown Point and the Toledo Yacht Club in Toledo, Ohio, which is believed to be haunted by a boy who died more than a century ago. The crew will also investigate ghosts at Indiana’s Old Lake County Jail, in which famous gangster John Dillinger was detained until he escaped.

4. Season 11’s premiere episode entitled All Aboard the Ghost Train will feature Cleveland Ohio’s Midwest Railway Preservation Society. The site is believed to have links to the unsolved Cleveland Torso Murderer serial case.

5. Aside from rail yards and jails, the TAPS team will also investigate mansions, museums, and more this season.

Ghost Hunters Season 11 premieres on Wednesday (August 3) at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.