New Instagram page GetNakedAustralia is ruling the online sphere. It is convincing people to ditch their clothes and become one with nature. The users are taking their naked snaps and uploading them on Instagram with confidence.

The GetNakedAustralia page has become one of the most attractive destinations for social media freaks. In a short span of time, the page has grabbed huge attention with over 57,900 followers. Travelers have been found keeping their clothes aside and taking snaps in front of cool backdrops.

Twenty-six-year-old health professional Brendan Jones, the owner of the page, also took a naked snap and uploaded it on Instagram. He shared his views on the GetNakedAustralia initiative.

“In a world of such body shaming I believe that being naked in nature is way for people to overcome their image problems,” he explained. “Once someone experiences being naked in nature it does wonders for their confidence and we have had many testimonials of people expressing that.”

The GetNakedAustralia Instagram page has not only witnessed pictures clicked in the nation but also from all across the world. In the past six months, the page has featured hundreds of naked shots captured in stunning locations. The nude photos of the Instagram users are a small way of raising one’s self-esteem where viewers don’t judge the appearance of the subject. Posting naked photos is only a way to celebrate one’s naked form without hesitation.

GetNakedAustralia is For All

The GetNaked Australia has been designed for everyone. The page does not allow models to use it for publicity. Jones believes that the huge success of the initiative is only because of its openness to common people. Society has such a problem with the naked body. Nudity is only really seen as acceptable if it’s considered ‘art’, quoted him as saying.

Jones also said that GetNakedAustralia is a way in which Aussies prove that they know how to have a great time. It enhances their level of confidence while coming in contact with nature at the same time.

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