Annalise Keating and her team of law students are back in How to Get Away With Murder Season 3.

Season 2 was a cliffhanger. Several questions were unanswered and fans are expecting some enlightenment in the premiere.

Showrunner Peter Nowalk earlier hinted that How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 will be having a different format. He explained that in the previous season, the show had so much emphasis on Rose’s case that there were not enough cases for the week. This will going to change this season.

Here are some How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 spoilers.

Wes’ father

In Season 2 finale, Wes (Aflred Enoch) confronted his father Wallace Mahoney (Adam Arkin). Mahoney however got shot. So Wallace is the true father of Wes? Is he dead?  Showrunner Pete Nowalk hinted that if Wallace is truly Wes’s father, he will be going to be a huge person in the show. Nowalk also said Mahoney’s killer might be revealed in the first few minutes of Season 3.

Where is Frank?

Frank (Charlie Weber), on the other hand, disappeared after Annalise (Viola Davis) found out that he was responsible for the car accident that killed her unborn child. In the last season’s finale, Annalise told Bonnie (Liza Weil) that Frank is “gone. “Is Frank dead? Probably not. Weber was seen in How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 promos. This means he will still appear in the third season of ABC drama.

Who will die this season?

Another Season 3 promo teased that “not everyone is going to make it out alive” this season. This means any one of the Keating 5, Bonnie, Frank, Nate (Billy Brown), Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) or even Annalise could die.

Watch How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 teaser below.

New mystery

Nowalk hinted that a huge mystery will be revealed in the premiere episode, The Hollywood Reporter wrote. “I don’t like to always do what’s expected, so there are other mysteries that really propel the action. But the end of the first episode, you’ll see what our biggest mystery is and you won’t see it coming,” Nowalk said.

People shared a sneak peak of How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 premiere episode. In the clip, Annalise was seen exchanging text messages to someone. Who is she talking to?

New characters

Several new characters will be introduced this season.

Dexter star Lauren Luna Velez will be joining the cast to play Middleton University president. Brett Butler and Mary J Blige also signed up for this season. However, their roles remain under wraps. Nowalk said Blige’s role is not large but it is going to be a crucial especially for Annalise.

How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 kicks off on Thursday (Sept 22) at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.  You can catch the premiere here.