The How to Get Away with Murder season 3 premiere came as a surprise for fans. Many had to look twice and possibly thrice at the startling image of Frank without his trademark beard.

Thursday September 22 marked the return of How to Get Away with Murder season 3. Fans looked forward to it in order to find out Frank’s fate after the previous cliffhanger finale. Many feared his character might not return to the series. Although actor Charlie Weber did guarantee his return early on. At the same time, he hinted at possible changes in his relationship with Annalise and the others.

The season 2 finale revealed the truth about Frank and Sam. He also became the prime suspect for the death of Wes’ father. Although at the time, showrunner Pete Nowalk would not confirm or deny if he did it. Consequently, it led to the disappearance of Annalise’s muscle man. However, he was bound to return eventually.

Yet audiences did not see it coming. No one could have imagined the makeover of Frank. Then again, no one could complain at the outcome. Hence, it appeared like the debut of a new character on How to Get Away with Murder season 3. Say hello to the new look of Frank Delfino.

The scene caused quite a commotion on Twitter as it played according to Buzzfeed. Initially, fans were distraught at the possibility of Frank without a beard. Hence, the violent reactions from viewers.

However, their anger quickly subsided when a clean-shaven, semi-bald, half-naked Frank stood before the mirror. While it felt like the death of a major character, it brought forth the birth of yet another equally beautiful man. Hence, the questions poured in as to how he could be so hot without or with hair.

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