Following one of the most devastating acts of terrorism in Paris which left 129 dead and almost 350 wounded, all major sporting activities were cancelled on Saturday in the Paris region. Things went terribly wrong on the eve of Friday the 13th and the deadly attack left young souls bloodied on the streets of Paris.

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks security concerns at public events have increased ten folds. More disturbing news came in from Germany as reports suggested that a North African terror cell was planning to attack Hannover with assault rifles and suicide vests, very similar to the Paris attacks.

According to DailyMail UK, the German authorities received ‘concrete information’ about a Paris-style gun and bomb attack on the stadium from the French Police. The German security forces had to cancel the International Friendly Match between Germany and Netherlands at the HDI Arena in Hanover just 90-minutes ahead of the clash.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was supposed to attend the match but made last minute changes in her schedule. Local newspaper Kreiszeitung reported “A vehicle disguised as an ambulance and packed with explosives had been discovered parked outside Hannover stadium as Germany prepared to take on the Netherlands,” notes Mirror UK.

Hannover was in complete lockdown after a series of Bomb Threats. Germany’s Minister of Interior Thomas de Meizere refused to answer questions about the terror attack saying: “Some of these answers would unsettle the population.” He further stated, “There is a general threat. Regularly we receive information about threats against Germany, especially after an attack like in Paris.”

The German police had seized a suspicious suitcase from the Stadium and a second device from a train station, very close to the stadium. The Daily Mail quoted, “Announcements at the 45,000-capacity stadium in northern Germany advised fans to leave calmly and that there was no danger. Most fans were still waiting outside when the order to evacuate came.”