Several locals cheered up the incident after a fire broke out in a hotel being converted into migrant-shelter in Saxony, Germany, police said.

The fire broke out on Sunday in the hotel in Bautzen, eastern Saxony. It severely destroyed the roof. The police suspects it to be arson after the onlookers tried to stop firefighters to curb the fire on the roof.

Though no causalities were reported.  Two drunkards have been detained after they refused to leave the scene.

“Some people reacted to the arson with derogatory comments and undisguised joy.” police said.

The fire-incident comes after hundred protesters stopped a bus carrying migrants in eastern Saxony last week. The protesters were shouting “We are the people!” and “Go home!”.

On Thursday, protesters gathered infront of migrants’ accommodation in the village of Clausnitz, 19 miles south of Dresden, according to police.

Two videos released on Friday on social media showed the protesters blocking the bus of migrants, and with one showing a visibly distressed boy being dragged by a policeman into a nearby building, after he refused to step out of the bus.

German politicians had criticised the move and said that it was shameful to see how the migrants were treated by the locals.

Saxony’s interior minister, Markus Ulbig said: “As much need for a discussion there may be over the refugee question: I find it deeply shameful to see how people are being treated here”, in a report by The Guardian.

Following the anti-migrant protest, Brandenburg police have come across some leaflets encouraging “absolute resistance” against “foreigner invasion”.

According to BBC, Neo-Nazis are suspected to spread the leaflets, which also give directions “on making firebombs and using explosives”. Police are laying down investigations to find the purpose of these leaflets.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy welcomed around 1 million migrants in 2015. The policy was admired widely and as per a report by ANN, Germany is also expecting 500,000 refugees in 2016.

In the past year, Germany has reported more than 900 anti-migrant attacks on refugee camps, from 199 in 2014.