A German education centre has stepped forward to talk mannerism by teaching the migrants about “how to flirt with a local German woman”. Asylum seekers who know the German language are being given lessons on flirting and maintaining basic hygiene.

According to the Breitbart, the centre is in the town of Eichstatt. It is helping migrants to get a sense of hitting on German women in a likeable way.

The flirt workshop is being funded by the government. Only asylum seekers who are familiar with basic level German language are entitled to attend the classes in Ingolstadt, Neuburg and Eichstätt.

On May 4, 2016, a youtube channel, The Watchdog, released a video. It shows a group of asylum seekers sitting with German women. They are being instructed how to properly flirt with one of the female aide, Jenny.  She talks to them and assesses their performance.

Christian Zach, a sex therapist for young refugees, is the frontman of the flirting workshop. He said he often comes across a common unvaried question that bothers migrants is to “ How do we speak to German women.” Zach and the management of the centre noticed that initially nobody dared to talk.

“The majority doesn’t have a clue how to approach the opposite sex in this country,” Zechs said in a report by RT.

He further talks about being shilly-shallied in the approach.

“If you don’t do it, it’s embarrassing, but also, when you do it, or the other person is used to get into trouble when he does it,” he said.

Jenny talks on how to get acquainted step-by-step. She gives tips on how to behave and proceed in a gentle manner. She advises Sadik, from Somalia, who have been living in Germany for two years.

“Don’t jump on the women immediately because you like the women, but proceed step by step like he (Zach) said”. she said.

After attending an integration class Sadik said: “ Today I learnt to speak decently.”

At the end of the session Zach stresses on one point that “ no is really a no”. After that refugees receives a map on sexual intercourse and hygiene.