It seems like everything has filled up to the brim and Chancellor Angela Merkel is all entangled in the web of refugee crisis. Germany has been accused of giving out “financial incentives” to African embassies, in order to adjust the rejected applicants from three states.

A refugee organisation has claimed that the country is planning on readmission agreements “without any concern of refugees.” Even after a long wait to process their applicants, the refugees will have to face an “undisclosed” deportation.

“These agreements commit the African countries to readmitting their own citizens who have had asylum turned down by Germany, but it also allows them to readmit rejected asylum seekers from other countries, who travelled through these transit states,” Max Pichl, a member of Pro Asyl, Germany’s largest pro immigration advocacy organization  The Local.

According to German Federal Office for Migration (BAMF), Germany has signed 13 agreements with two African countries – Morocco and Algeria. Some other countries are – Albania, Syria, Kosovo, Serbia, and Macedonia.

BAMF has not provided any further data on how many have been deported.

In a tweet, RT reported that “40% of Germans want Merkel to resign over #refugees – poll”.

In a report, Pro Asyl said that if Germany fails to deport the rejected asylum seekers, it will have to contact third country and pay for their documentation to confirm their country of origin.

The list of countries with whom Germany has agreements is very long, said Pichl in a report.

Germany is also paying additional amount for the meetings in which refugees are sent to meet the delegates and employees of African countries. It has been giving additional amount for “refugee hearings” and so-called “emergency travel certificates,” which will help deport them quickly within days, according to a report by The Local.

In 2014, around 720 refugees were instructed to attend 50 meetings with 18 different African countries, according to a report filed by RT.