Acclaimed feminist author Germaine Greer has been slammed by viewers for her statements on ABC’s “Q&A.” Greer’s views on trans women not being “real women” have earned her a lot of flak from the internet.

“The Female Eunuch” author also stated that there is no way that transgender people could know that they have been born the wrong sex. According to, things got out of hand when Germaine Greer was given a question by someone from the audience, asking her the reason behind her belief that transgender women are not real women.

“This is so difficult,” replied Greer. “The interesting thing to me is this. That if you decide because you’re uncomfortable in the masculine system, which turns boys into men, often at great cost to themselves — if you’re unhappy with that it doesn’t mean that you belong at the other end of the spectrum, that by expressing it that way,” she added.


She went on to add that her views on gender had been narrow-minded in the past, states 9 News. However, Greer still refuses to accept that a man who believes he was a woman is immediately a woman. “If you’re a 50-year-old truck driver who’s had four children with a wife and you’ve decided the whole time you’ve been a woman, I think you’re probably wrong,” the outspoken feminist added. She even went ahead and suggested that transgender women like Caitlyn Jenner made other women feel slightly wry.

Her views on the show put her back in a hole of sorts. When host Tony Jones reminded Greer that she appeared to be shovelling dirt back in, she quipped back, saying, “I belong in this hole.” Even though Greer had amazed viewers with her rational views on other topics including domestic violence, Islamic fundamentalist ideals in Australia, the Panama Papers and even Shakespeare, her views on the transgender community pushed her against the wall.

The Twitterati has slammed Germaine Greer after her “Q&A” on ABC.