Cindy Crawford figured at the center of the latest George Clooney Amal divorce rumor. Could the supermodel be the last straw leading to their separation?

It seems the George Clooney Amal divorce rumor remains rampant. This time around, the supermodel is again at the center of the alleged storm between the couple. As it turns out, Amal is supposedly jealous of Cindy. As one of the first supermodels in the nineties, Cindy Crawford still looks better than ever. Even at 50 years, she could give today’s catwalkers a run for their money.

Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber are good friends of George Clooney. In addition to being bestfriends, George and Rande are business partners. Hence, George is a frequent visitor to the couple’s home. The actor and the supermodel even shared a funny anecdote about the time they mistakenly got into the same bed. The incident happened before he met Amal Alamuddin. Moreover, the supermodel revealed the actor is now on his best behavior since his marriage to the British barrister.

However, Amal reportedly does not want to have paparazzi taking a picture of her beside Cindy. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the celebrity lawyer steers clear of comparisons that might overshadow her. However, she cannot completely disregard Cindy and Rande since they have been long friends and business associates of her husband. Thus, she supposedly has no choice but to join them whenever George makes a trip back to Los Angeles.

Various issues fueled the George Clooney Amal divorce rumor. The couple have yet to get pregnant since their 2014 marriage. Sources hinted Amal’s weight issues as the problem. Reports revealed her fears of becoming a trophy wife given George’s A-list celebrity status. Hence, the added work took its toll on her health.

Could Cindy Crawford possibly be the reason behind an alleged George Clooney Amal divorce rumor?