Simone Cariss, a  mother from Melbourne, has initiated an online campaign that protests against gender inequality in school uniforms.

According to Simone, it was unacceptable that there was no option for girls to wear pants at her daughter’s Catholic school. She started an online petition on Friday night and has already gathered more than 2,000 signatures.

Simone’s daughter, Grade 1 student Asha Cariss, is fond of everything about her school. However, there is only one issue that bothers her.

She feels uncomfortable while playing sport in her heavy school tunic and thick stockings. As her mother got exasperated, she asked the school to allow her daughter to wear pants like her male friends.

In reply the school basically said no to Simone. That is when she started the campaign against gender inequality.

Asha asked her mother about why she can’t wear pants like the boys. According to Simone, she is not going to tell her daughter that she can’t wear pants because she is a girl.

Simone said that her daughter feels at a disadvantage because she’s wearing a heavy and large kilt with uncomfortable tights, says The ABC.

While she chooses not to wear tights, she has to wear socks and then she is cold. Thus Simone believes that it really is an impractical uniform.

“My daughter is really active; she likes to join in with the boys and the girls at lunchtime playing sports and running around.” Simone said.

“She doesn’t choose to wear a dress at any other time, so she wants to have the choice.”

Simone chose not to name the school. The school also informed her that there was no plan to change the uniform policy, The Age.

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She believes that there is a certain anti-discrimination legislation out there. She even said that she wouldn’t let a workplace like this to get away with gender inequality.

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Education Minister James Merlino stated that all students should be able to wear pants at school, if they chose to.