The government has announced on Thursday that victims of the Geelong storm that hit the region on January 27 are now eligible to apply for financial assistance.

AAP reported that the federal and state government stated that they would offer funds for food, clothes and shelter for both adults and children. In addition, they will allow financial aid worth $32,500 for the houses eligible for cleanup services, repairs, replacements of damaged structures, rebuilding and emergence accommodation. Geelong suffered from a storm that dumped more than one month’s rain that flooded buildings, barred calls and water logging, disrupting the lives of the local people.

In early February, the federal government promised to contribute some finance to Geelong’s victims. Corangamite MP Sarah Henderson confirmed that the Canberra government is all set to help those who gave been affected by the deadly storm. At that moment, the total loss was unknown but the government still took a foot forward to provide whatever the state government could offer.

According to Geelong Advertiser, the finance could help the victims lessen the distress and aid in paying for the debt connected to destroyed properties. The authorities’ finance was supposed to be accessed by the municipality as well for restoring the affected assets. “This funding will assist the Geelong community in its recovery,” Henderson said in early February reports. “This local flood event – which saw a month’s worth of rainfall fall in under an hour – has hit our community hard and the federal government is committed to help those affected.”

Henderson also confirmed that she was also trying to convince the Catholic Education Office to financially help the victims of Clairvaux Catholic Primary School in Belmont, hit by the January flood. “It is vital that the school receives Catholic Education Office funding to repair its roof and undertake other redevelopment works, estimated to cost around $2.4 million. I have written to the Catholic Education Office in support of these redevelopment plans,” she said.