The “Gears of War 4” cast has been revealed. As per the sources the game will feature a “new slate of characters”, including the son of previous protagonist Marcus Fenix.

Game Spot notes that the cover of this month’s Game Informer magazine revealed the first look at the cast for the upcoming Microsoft shooter “Gears of War 4”. The source also provided some details pertaining to the latest release.

Check out Game Informer’s cover image below.

via Game Informervia Game Informer

Gears of War 4

  • JD Fenix (middle): The son of Marcus Fenix. Played by Liam McIntyre
  • Kait Diaz (right): A survivalist who, according to Game Informer, was “raised outside of the walled city-states protecting most of humanity.” Played by Laura Bailey.
  • Delmont “Del” Walker (left): An ex-COG soldier and longtime friend of JD. Played by Eugene Byrd.

The “Gears of War 4” will release later this year but those who have played the ultimate edition on their Xbox Live account before March 1, they are already guaranteed “early access” to the Gears 4 beta.

We had earlier reporter that players who were able to purchase “Gears of War Ultimate Edition” bundle for the Xbox One, were given the rare opportunity to play “Gears of War 4” once it released. In order to do so, they should play the Ultimate Edition bundle while logged in to their Xbox Live accounts on the first day of March.

The Ultimate Edition is a digital remastering of the third person shooter game series and it will take up 44 GB. Players will have to download additional patches before they can play online. The benefits of buying such copy includes 1080p resolution, 60 frames per second, access to all downloadable content, PC-only content, additional modes and most importantly, early access to “Gears of War 4”.

Stay tuned for more information as Game Informer will be carrying a 14-page cover story on the details as well as the game’s voice actors.