The beta for “Gears of War 4’s” multiplayer will be arriving later this month and fans are excited to try out the new weapons. While some are still wondering what new toys they could try that have deadly and gruesome executions, it seems that there is one new weapon that is promising to that department.

Developer The Coalition has revealed the Dropshot gun as one of the newest weapons in “Gears of War 4.” It is a devastating weapon that enables a player to shoot an aerial mine that floats over the area in a straight line as long as the player holds the trigger in the gamepad. Once trigger is released, the weapon will spin downward . Once it hits the ground, it will detonate and those within the blast radius will receive a ton of damage. But if a player manage to get a direct hit with the Dropshot gun, it will drill directly into the head, decapitating it and will explode in a short moment.

However, that was just the standard attack for the Dropshot gun. Apart from that feature, it also has an execution move demonstrated in the video above. The video shows the campaign character Kait using the weapon at close range to crush the enemy’s head and then able to launch the enemy’s corpse. The video further shows that it can be used to launch corpses into other enemies.

You can learn more about the weapon at the upcoming “Gears of War 4” multiplayer beta, which is scheduled on April 25 for Xbox Live Gold members. Those who purchased the “Gears of War: Ultimate Edition” can avail the multiplayer beta at an earlier date on April 18.

“Gears of War 4” is expected to become available on Oct. 11 for the Xbox One; however, no specific details have been revealed if it will become available for PC.