A man has been charged with murder sometime after the body of Gayle Woodford was found. The arrested man is 36-year-old man.

The 56-year-old missing health worker was found in a shallow grave outside a South Australian town, precisely east of Fregon. Woodford’s body was discovered on Saturday.

The discovery was made, four days after she was last seen about 9.40pm on Wednesday.

The Mimili man, who was charged with the murder, had faced other charges related to this case, earlier. He was charged with the theft of a motor vehicle that belonged to Woodford.

The ambulance was intercepted by police near Coober Pedy about 10.30am on Thursday.

According to Superintendent Des Bray, a body had been found on Saturday afternoon. “Our worst fears were realised,” Bray said.

“We found a shallow grave on the roadside about a kilometre and a half out of Fregon.”

He also said that the grave will contain the remains of Woodford. He also said that Woodford’s family would be “completely devastated” by the news.

“As are many of the people in the community because Gayle, I’m told, was a much loved person here, so this is devastating news not just for Fregon but for the whole APY community,” he said.

According to The Australian, forensic investigators were about to leave Adelaide this morning. They are supposed to examine the body at the scene, which is under police guard, on APY lands.

Woodford usually drove the local ambulance. The ambulance’s GPS data shows that it left Fregon shortly after midnight on Thursday.

The vehicle then taken to Mimili, says The Guardian.

It was Wednesday night when Woodford was last seen. It was reported that she went to bed with her husband.

At around midnight, Woodford left home. Apparently she been called out for work.

The man and a woman who were also in the ambulance, have not been charged.