Gayle Woodford, the lifeless body of the missing health worker, has been found in South Australia. The body is found after three days of search.

On Saturday, the body was found about 1.5 km east of Fregon.It was believed that Woodford was taken from her residence on Thursday. The ambulance of the health worker was stolen by a 36-year-old Fregon. He has been driving the unlicensed vehicle.

According to the GPS data, police has concluded that the vehicle first travelled to Mimili and then to Indulkana, Marla and finally Coober Pedy, where it was caught by police on Thursday.

The accused who is in the custody has been charged of vehicle theft and driving offense. The police is satisfied with the statement of the 36-year-old, Superintendent Bray said to Sky News

Forensic investigators will travel to Adelaide to investigate the murder case.Previous investigations did not prove to be successful in finding the body of the Australian health worker who is the mother of two children. This was declared as a major crime, according to The Guardian.

The health worker who was a nurse was said to be abducted from her home in a stolen bush ambulance.The accused is said to be of remote Aboriginal community Adelaide Now reports.

The accused was arrested at 10:30 am on Thursday. He was driving the ambulance with two other Aboriginal people. Police have called for witnesses who have seen the ambulance travelling between Fregon and Coober Pedy.

“Around 2 o’clock people searching on foot along GPS lines located what they believed to be a shallow grave,” Bray said. “Some further investigation located another crime scene about 500m away, I can’t disclose what happened at those scenes but certainly there are two distinct areas that we are looking at.”

Peter Gates was shocked to know about Woodford. He has worked at Dalrymple Motors on the main street for 38 years where she lived.

“She is a lovely woman, very caring and from a great family.They are a strong family. They are all very well known and very well liked .Everyone knows them, they had been here for a very long time.”