The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has compared the Safe Schools program and same-sex marriage to Nazi atrocities in a blog post written by its director.

Lyle Shelton cited the rise of Nazi Germany, and then argued that the support for Safe Schools by Labor leader Bill Shorten suggested “a failure of those of us who know better,” according to The Age.

“Changing the definition of marriage to entrench motherlessness and fatherlessness in public policy and teaching our kids their gender is fluid should be opposed.”

“The cowardice and weakness of Australia’s ‘gatekeepers’ is causing unthinkable things to happen, just as unthinkable things happened in Germany in the 1930s.”

The leader of the ACL went on to criticize the conservative elites, or what he refers to as Australia’s own “gatekeepers,” for failing to stop transgender acceptance and the advance of marriage equality.

“Now I know some of my friends in the gay community will be saying ‘there Shelton goes again – comparing us to Nazis’. Not so, the issues Australia faces are bigger than the rainbow political agenda,” he went on to say in the blog post.

The blog post comes after the Safe Schools Program, which was first established in 2014, has come under fire from the conservative elites in recent months.

Senator Peter Wallace of the Australian Conservative Party made comments on Twitter against the federal government backing a same-sex anti-bullying program, which he believes intends to turn Australian kids gay.

“Safe Schools — I put it to you that your real agenda is to convert straight kids to be gay kids,” he wrote on his official Twitter account.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has called for a review of the Safe Schools’ LGBTI program, which aims to deliver awareness about the LGBTI to school children, as well as making children feel that they are safe and accepted in school.