A gay couple is fighting for the right to marriage in China. The two men met through an online chat group and started seeing each other every day, stated The New York Times. They went for long walks in the parks, movies and dinner with grandparents.  Precisely they loved each other’s company.

Sun Wenlin and Hu Mingliang finally decided to get married in June on their first anniversary. The couple got inspired by the movie “Pride”. Sun said, “after we saw the movie I asked him, ‘shall we get married?’ He said: ‘yes'”.

They went to a local civil affairs bureau in Changsha to register to marry. However, they were not allowed to do so by an employee. The employee stated that Chinese law did not allow same sex marriage. The couple did not get disheartened by the rejection. On the contrary, they sued the civil affairs bureau.

According to CNN, the Changsha Furong District People’s Court accepted the case in January this year which was a surprise for their lawyer Shi Fulong. The report confirms that Sun and Hu has become the first Chinese gay couple, legally fighting for the right to marry.

When US Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage Chinese social media was flooded with celebratory messages. Even so, a large majority of people in China do not support LGBT love. And they are stating Confucius to strengthen their argument.

Fang Xudong, a neo-Confucius scholar quoted Confucius, “there are three forms of unfilial conduct, of which the worst is to have no descendants.”

He added, “Confucians don’t have any discrimination against homosexual people: they can have their own sexual orientation and the right to pursue their own happiness. But for a Confucian, duties to one’s family must take precedent over the right to pursue your own happiness”.

The court had confirmed that Sun and Hu’s case would be delayed. It did not give any details about the cause of delay and the next hearing. Sun said that he felt powerless and the court just wanted to drag it out. He also stated that even if they were the only gay couple in the world they should be allowed to get married.