Games of Thrones Season 6 soundtrack is here for everyone to download and listen. It features 26 tracks from the latest season and are created by Ramin Djawadi. iTunes will officially release the music on June 22 for $9.99 but many of you can in Australia, US and New Zealand can also listen Games of Thrones Season 6 soundtrack exclusively on Pandora.

However, if you are not the one who wants to wait for the official release of album, there are many websites where you can download the Games of Thrones Season 6 soundtrack. Check out some such link here. However, no official release date of the album has yet been confirmed.

Here is the full track list of the Games of Thrones Season 6 soundtrack music album:

Main Titles: 1:51

Blood of My Blood: 3:35

Light of the Seven: 9:49

Needle: 2:56

Coronation: 1:46

Feed the Hounds: 3:08

My Watch Has Ended: 2:53

The Red Woman: 3:17

Hold the Door: 7:21

Khaleesi: 3:05

Maester: 2:52

A Painless Death: 3:22

Reign: 3:16

Let’s Play a Game: 5:51

Bastard: 5:05

Trust Each Other: 3:09

Winter Has Come: 3:14

Hear Me Roar: 2:16

The Winds of Winter: 3:29

Lord of Light (Bonus Track): 4:16

Service of the Gods (Bonus Track): 2:48

I Need You by My Side (Bonus Track): 2:36

The Tower (Bonus Track):   2:33

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (Bonus Track) 1:44

I Choose Violence (Bonus Track): 1:48

Hodor (Bonus Track): 2:24

The album will also have a Digital Booklet for Game Of Thrones Season 6, Watchers on the Wall reports. Looking at the names of some of the tracks many fans are speculating when will these tracks be played. “I guess “Light of the seven” will play during the events of the trials next week and “Maester” during Samwell’s stay in Oldtown,” writes a fan named TL on the website, adding that “Hear me roar” might be linked to Cersei or Jaime.

Many fans also speculate that many tracks will be played for the Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 finale. These include “Light of the Seven,” “A Painless Death,” “Trust Each Other” (Jon & Sansa), “Winter Has Come” and “Hear Me Roar.” Are you waiting for Games of Thrones Season 6 soundtrack?