It is already been months since the release of Star Wars Battlefront and publisher EA is happy that the game is selling very well with record-breaking players online during beta and sales. There is also previous reveal that they will be launching more DLC for Battlefront aside from the recent Battle of Jakku DLC that was free. This time, more paid DLC are being planned for 2016 starting with The Outer Rim, Engadget shared the news about the DLC from their website.

The Outer Rim will feature new characters, weapons and maps that still features the original trilogy setting (Star Wars Episode IV-VI). A map features  Jabba the Hutt’s palace that showcases the close-range field and garage complex while the second map features the lava planet Sullust. It also had a previous map in the base game of Star Wars Battlefront.

Players will also be able to play as Greed and Nien Nunb for the first time in the Battlefront series. Now you can continue the debate on who shot first between Greedo and Han Solo as Greedo will also have a multi-shot ability that is handy when pinned against a number of targets. Nien Nunb will have a turret ability that he can summon during combat. There are also five new weapons for players to try though no specific details were mentioned in regards to the identity of the new arsenal. A new game mode called Extraction will be included to the DLC as well. The new mode will let the other team to escort a payload to the extraction point while the opposing team must prevent the payload to be extracted.

You can check out the full trailer for The Outer Rim above to see the new characters and maps in action. The new DLC will be available on the Season Pass for 65 AUD (50 USD) and the content will be available on March 22 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can check out more about Battlefront from their official website at