“Game of Thrones” actor Peter Dinklage gone through a mind-etching experience in this weekend’s episode of “Naked and Afraid: Celebrity Edition” with “Saturday Night Live” cast Leslie Jones.

Dinklage was literally both naked and afraid with Jones.

The actor, who played Tyrion Lannister in GoT, was paired up with Jones in a parody of “Naked and Afraid: Celebrity Edition” that shocked the entire Twitterverse, Inquisitr reported.

Watch “Naked and Afraid: Celebrity Edition” video below.

Mediate.com’s writer Tommy Christopher wrote on “the ancient tradition of size-disparate comedy teams. The result featured some hilarious, if unsettling, visuals that you cannot un-see.”

Jones started off crazy immediately. As she came out of an Uber already fully naked while Dinklage tried to maintain his composure and hurriedly disrobed himself off. When Dinklage drops his pants, Jones roared, “Let me just start off by sayin’, you’re packin’!”

Along with his skills in mountaineering, the actor brought a fire-starter kit. Ironically, Dinklage is a vegetarian so no BBQs but yes to leaves. Jones On the other hand brought a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot sauce, People magazine wrote.

Stripped naked in a jungle and confused with the character he plays in Game of Thrones, Dinklage learned rather painfully and quickly how different his survival instincts with Jones.

Both constantly complain about their “partner.” The SNL host tormented and harassed the actor in the whole duration of the show.

In addition to Jones’ antics in survival are her lustful feelings towards Dinklage. She is shown repeatedly hitting “Tyrion” and one night made her move while spooning Dinklage.

At the end, the two survived before Jones got a chance for a piece of his meat.

Overall, “Naked and Afraid: Celebrity Edition” was a standout episode from an otherwise shaky edition of “Saturday Night Live,” Cinema Blend noted.

Meanwhile, Dinklage will reprise his role as Tyrion in the upcoming “Game of Thrones” season six later this month.