Game of Thrones Season 7 will be full of surprises and shocks. The show has always been unpredictable. The chemistry between Sansa Stark and Jon Snow may be the one to look out for in the next season.

Incest is not new in the show. Jon Snow is known as “Ned Stark’s bastard,” which makes him Sansa’s half-brother. So, Sansa having sex with Jon is not unlikely even if they are siblings.

To make it less controversial, here is another twist in the tale. Jon Snow may not be a Stark at all. According to The Independent, he is a Targaryen. Jon is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, Ned’s sister. Now, Sansa Stark having sex with Jon Targaryen does not sound that scandalous, does it?

Sansa Jealous of Jon Snow

Now the question is why Sansa should have sex with Jon anyway. If we see the way Sansa has been treated over the years, we know she has seen some really tough days. She was physically abused repeatedly by Ramsay Bolton. She was emotionally abused by Cersei and Joffrey Baratheon. Game of Thrones Season 7 may be a welcome change for her.

Even though Littlefinger seems nice to her, we know he has his own purpose. He has told Sansa that he wants to sit in the Iron Throne, with Sansa being his queen.

Sansa Kills Ramsay’s Unborn Child

It is only Jon Snow who has been nice to her without any hidden agenda. He has told Sansa that they should trust each other. This is the first time someone is nice to Sansa in years. There is every possibility that she may get attracted to him. According to Variety, a relation between Sansa and Jon is a real possibility.

There is another political reason for Sansa to get involved with Jon. If Jon becomes the king, Sansa won’t have must to treasure. She won’t become the queen. That is only possible if she gets married to Jon (Targaryen). If Sansa wants to become the queen, she must get married to the one who becomes the king. She may prefer getting married to Jon Snow, who is a gentleman, to getting married to treacherous Littlefinger.

Arya Stark to Claim Iron Throne

Not everyone is aware, but Littlefinger was behind Ned Stark’s death. Sooner or later, that’ll be exposed. Game of Thrones Season 7 may expose Littlefinger as well.