Was Jon Snow resurrected only for him to be killed later this season? Di Kit Harington really quit the hit HBO series to take on an iconic movie role? Will the British actor really be the next James Bond? Could the former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch really be the next 007?

According to Digital Spy, Harington is staying on “Game of Thrones.” Or at least, his character is safe for now. But the actor did trade in Westeros for the MI5 fairly recently. He played Harry Pearce’s protégé spy Will Holloway in last year’s “Spooks: The Greater Good.”

In the movie, as the Evening Standard pointed out, the actor already did “a raft of Bond-esque stunts.” Given this, could Harington be the perfect choice for Daniel Craig’s replacement as James Bond?

The actor said he would be willing to at least consider the role. But he does admit it might be a long shot. “God, if they came to me, I’d consider it,” Harington told the Evening Standard. “But I think I’m a little way off that.”

Long shot or not, the actor might still have a chance, though. Director Sam Mendes did hint that the next James Bond would not be who people expect him to be. “I can guarantee whatever happens with it, it will not be what you expect,” he told the Guardian. “That’s what [producer Barbara Broccoli] has been brilliant at, and that’s how [this movie franchise will] survive.”

The current James Bond, Daniel Craig, recently announced that he is retiring as the iconic superspy. If the rumors are correct, Kit Harington would have some major competition for the part. Among the actors who have been linked to the “big role” are Tom Hiddleston, Damian Lewis, Aidan Turner. and Idris Elba. However, producers have yet to confirm their choice.