“Game of Thrones” has never been shy about including LGBT characters. Will the hit HBO series really explore more gay storylines next season?

Renly Baratheon, one of the five warring kings from past seasons, had a relationship with his wife’s brother, Loras Tyrell. But is Renly not the only major contender for the Iron Throne who swung the other way? Will the show’s seventh season reveal that Daenerys Targaryen also liked the same sex?

According to The Verge, last week’s episode saw the rise of a new “power couple.” No, they were not referring to Sansa Stark and Petyr Baelish, whose alliance helped crush the Bolton forces in the Battle of the Bastards. They were referring to Daenerys Targaryen and her new found ally, Yara Greyjoy.

In the episode, Daenerys and Yara finally met and came into an agreement to help each other get the thrones they each think is rightfully theirs. Theon’s big sister was earlier revealed to prefer women over men. Will their alliance blossom into something more? This is yet to be confirmed. However, in HBO’s After Thrones YouTube special, Gemma Whelan did say their newly formed alliance made sense. “I think Daenerys and Yara quite like the cut of each other’s jib,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Emilia Clarke said Daenerys recognizes Yara as “another badass chick in the place.” The actress also doesn’t seem to mind if her character gets it on with Yara in the future. “There’s mild flirtation [in our first scene] which is exciting to say the least. I mean get rid of Daario. Bring on the ladies. Why not?” Clarke said.

In a previous interview with IGN, Whelan also said “there’s plenty more to come” for her character. Could this possibly include a relationship with the Mother of Dragons?

The sixth season of “Game of Thrones” ends next week.