Will Jorah Mormont die before “Game of Thrones” Season 6 ends? Iain Glen, the actor who plays one of Daenerys Targaryen’s many suitors, has already started working on his very own superhero series. The two shows are wildly different – have they both taken a toll on the actor? Will his character on “Thrones” be killed off to allow him to make his more formal exit?

Glen currently stars as Jarrod Slade in Sundance TV’s “Cleverman.” The supernatural drama is being filmed in Australia, which is oceans away from where shooting for “Game of Thrones” is being held. However, according to the Daily Beast, the actor still remains a part of one of HBO’s biggest shows. He refused to disclose what becomes of Jorah in the end, though.

The last time he was on the show, the disgraced knight found himself being commanded by Daenerys to find a cure for his greyscale. Will Jorah be successful in finding a cure? Or will his disease just take him to his grave? This remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, according to Vulture, this isn’t the first time the actor contemplated his death on the show. Glen previously revealed how he wants his character to die. “I’d die having a heart attack, making love to the [khaleesi],” he once said in a forum with “Game of Thrones” fans in 2012.

He recently confirmed that this is still the death he wants for Jorah. “That’s what I’d really like,” he told Vulture. “If I’m brave enough, I’ll suggest it to [showrunners] Dan [Weiss] and David [Benioff]. Jorah dies doing it. Perfect.” However, if Jorah doesn’t find a cure for his greyscale soon, it might be unlikely that Glen would get his wish for his character. His condition is highly contagious. The Mother of Dragons would probably not risk contracting the disease herself.