Bran Stark might have lost his mentor and a dear friend, direwolf, last week on “Game of Thrones.” But two of his uncles made a comeback in this week’s episode, “Blood of My Blood.” Which two characters from past seasons finally returned?

Spoiler Alert! They are Benjen Stark and Edmure Tully. Benjen is the younger brother of Bran’s dad, Eddard. He was last seen back in Season 1. Edmure, on the other hand, is the brother of Bran’s mom, Catelyn. He was last seen at the infamous Red Wedding episode.

Tobias Menzies, the actor who played Edmure, recently revealed that he never expected to be brought back. “It was very, a nice surprise,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “I didn’t really have a huge expectation that I would come back.”

Menzies also revealed that the producers only told him about his return shortly before filming. “I’m not sure they knew themselves [that they were bringing me back]. I think they’ve sort of found their way and chose what bits of the book they are doing. They just got in contact a little bit before we shot to see whether I was available,” he explained.

Meanwhile, in a separate interview, producer Bryan Cogman discussed Benjen’s return with Entertainment Weekly. “It was great to have [actor] Joe Mawle back with us,” he said. “It must have been a trip for him to step back into the character after so long – but he’s also decidedly not the Benjen of season 1. So that was fun to explore.”

Benjen has already rescued Bran from wights this week. Can Edmure manage to escape the Freys and help Bran out as well? No word as of yet to confirm this. However, Cogman did say that “Season 6 is rife with Stark reunions!” Which past characters will return on “Game of Thrones?”  Stay tuned.

There might just be other past characters who will return in “Game of Thrones,”  so stay tuned.