Here it is, the highly anticipated second trailer of the most watched TV series “Game of Thrones” is breaking the internet at the moment. The video has just gone viral and is considered to be on top of all trending videos around the world.

Published on Apr 11, 2016, the “Game of Thrones” – season 6 trailer 2 has attracted more than fourteen million views. People are going crazy over it as April 24 (the launch date) is hardly a week away. The year-long wait for season 6 is finally coming to an end, with viewers anticipating about the actual fate of Jon Snow the most.

As all trailers for Game of Thrones hardly give us any idea as to what happens when a season starts, this particular trailer is no different. It kicks off with a scene of Night’s watch, where Jon Snow lies dead and Tormund says, “I thought he was the man to lead us through the long night,and I was wrong.” However, we would not believe that.

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In this season, it seems it would be more of running into battles and seeking revenge than playing games. Loyalties are surely gonna be tested as Tyrion Lannister says, “ I drink and I know things.” The little gem is again on the path of stealing the show. We also need to watch out Sansa Stark, who is now out of her make-believe world filled with fairy tales and hell bent on seeking revenge for Starks.

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Viewers have been anticipating different outcome and have filled the comment thread with sarcastic remarks. “Tyrion Targaryen confirmed,” one of the viewers comments. “Somehow Sansa should kill Little Finger,” add another. “Could it be that winter will finally arrive?” writes another, but surely I hope it won’t be so early.

Don’t miss out the trailer before the first episode comes knocking on the door. Watch it yourself to get the thrill and wait for the D-day.