Have “Game of Thrones” fans really seen the last of Melisandre? Did she really quit? Will the series have a new red priestess?  Has another actress really been cast to replace the iconic red woman?

According to Screen Crush, Melisandre isn’t going anywhere. At least, for the time being. But she will no longer be the only red priestess on the show this season.

1. Who is the new red priestess?

The new emissary of the Lord of Light will be called Kinvara. Earlier reports suggest that British actress Melanie Liburd will be playing this part. However, according to Movie Pilot, Israeli actress Ania Bukstein ended up being cast for the role. This casting choice is interesting since, as the film blog pointed out, Bukstein is a lot younger than the actress who plays Melisandre.

2. Have book readers met her before?

Kinvara was not in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series. However, Movie Pilot suggests she might be a stand-in for the red priest Benerro.

3. How old is Kinvara?

The new red priestess is wearing a necklace similar to the one Melisandre seems to be using to hide her real age. Is Kinvara doing something similar? This remains to be seen.

4. Does she also believe in the Prince That Was Promised?

Melisandre first came to the show to hail Stannis as the Prince That Was Promised. Stannis was later defeated in battle. According to Movie Pilot, Kinvara also believes in this mythical prince. But, instead, she thinks Daenerys is the promised saviour.

5. Will she be a friend or a foe?

Fans have to tune to the remaining Season 6 episodes to find out.

6. Will she be more powerful than Melisandre?

According to Movie Pilot, this is difficult to determine since the power structure of their religion “isn’t perfectly clear.”