HBO popular series “Game of Thrones” Season 6’s episodes are having spoilers since a man referred as the “Spanish Spoiler” is uploading videos to YouTube wherein he details the entire plot of the next week’s episode, just a couple of days before HBO airs it.

Although there is nothing specific that could be identified with this ghostly character, the detailed information indicates that the “Spanish Spoiler” is some inside source of the series, reports Insider.

HBO Game of Thrones Season 6, Game of Thrones episode’s suspense get spoiled, Leaked Spoilers by Spanish

The Spanish Spoiler’s videos have all been withdrawn from YouTube, marked as a “copyright claim by Home Box Office Inc.” However, prior to the video’s pullout, a summary (translated from Spanish to English) makes its way to Reddit.

It reads:

“I cannot put spoilers for the 3rd episode of the 6th season of Game of Thrones, because HBO forbids it. But we can always count predictions, theories, and make analysis of what will happen. And who knows, maybe guess everything.”

The two largest subreddits for “Game of Thrones” are /r/GameofThrones and /r/asoiaf, with 635,000 and 264,000 subscribers, respectively, who don’t promote any piracy.

On the other hand, the “Spanish Spoiler” has found a much more leak-friendly home at the /r/FreeFolk subreddit. It is a community with 6,200 Redditors who favour pirating, leaking, and spoiling of the series. The group was formed because of a disagreement with the strict no-piracy policy created by representatives of the /r/GameofThrones and /r/asoiaf subreddits. The Spanish Spoiler was invited to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on their subreddit.

He expressed on May 4:

“I am Frikidoctor, otherwise known as Spanish Youtube spoilers guy! AMA!”

When questioned about how he gets the information, he replied, “My Spoiler connection is just 3 weeks old.” He continued that he doesn’t want to risk his source.

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After a couple of days, he again uploaded a clip detailing the events of episode three, “Oathbreaker.” HBO had it removed from YouTube alleging copyright violation within a few hours.

After the recent Spanish Spoiler video was pulled, Redditors began a discussion about whether or not HBO has the right to censor these leaks.

HBO Game of Thrones Season 6, Game of Thrones episode’s suspense get spoiled, Leaked Spoilers by Spanish Spoiler

The Spanish Spoiler himself even started a new discussion poll, posing a question to the Free Folk group, “So can a video be taken down even if it does not have a single frame of copyrighted content?” He added, “It’s just me saying what is going to happen in the third chapter.”

Many of the responses were in favor of the Spanish Spoiler, instructing him to fight against HBO through YouTube.

HBO has not yet commented anything about these ongoing leaks.