A lot happened in last week’s episode of the “Game of Thrones.” But one character introduction stood out: Lyanna Mormont’s.

The Hound and the Blackfish might have returned in “The Broken Man.” But it was the Lady of Bear Island who stole the whole show. And she’s not even a teenager yet. According to TheBitBag, Lyanna Mormont is “fierce.” She might be small in stature. But she “thinks, speaks, and makes decisions like a veteran leader.” Lyanna, who was played by Bella Ramsey, had a no-nonsense attitude. She was frank, ferocious, and direct to the point. She hated small talk. It was not difficult for viewers to become her instant fans.

But, according to Hit Fix, her family is just as bad ass as she is. House Mormont, the film blog suggests, is what you get if you combine the “hardiness of the Iron Born” and the “viciousness of the Dornish.”

Lyanna is not the first Mormont introduced in the series. Fans of the hit HBO show have already met three of her family members. The previous Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Jeor Mormont, is Lyanna’s uncle. Lady Maege Mormont, one of Robb Stark’s bannermen, is her mom. Even Jorah, Dany’s banished adviser and hopeless admirer, is related to her.

Why are Lyanna and her family so kickass? Hit Fix suggests it has something to do with where and how they grew up. House Mormont’s home, Bear Island, was not an easy place to live in. The island was always being attacked by the Iron Born. So the Mormonts had to learn how to fight from the get go. Lyanna also grew up, surrounded by “women warriors.” She had been taught how to wield weapons and fight alongside the boys. She was also taught by her mom how to rule from a young age.