Highly anticipated HBO fantasy series, Game of Thrones season 6 has witnessed a miraculous comeback of Jon  Snow aka Lord Commander in an early episode. However, it seems the expectations of the fans in the way the series is moving are not met.

The Mother’s Day episode could have an ideal moment to reveal that Jon Snow‘s mother is actually Lyanna Stark, but instead, HBO took a complete diversion. Moreover, if this continues, the fans might express their outrage at the TV series in near future.

The episode 3 of Game of Thrones titled “Oathbreaker” flashed back to a young Ned Stark surviving a run-in (to find Lyanna) with the Kingsguard knights guarding the Tower of Joy. Ned started ascending the steps to the tower, making us believe the big moment would ultimately happen. Then, the three-eyed raven spoiled the thrill by pulling Bran out of the tower saying, ” It’s time to go.”

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The rest of the episode was equally as exasperating. Lord Umber asks Ramsay Bolton for help in protecting the North from the Wildlings by presenting him Rickon Stark, Osha, head of Stark’s direwolf Shaggydog as a gift. In Kings Landing, Tommen converses with the High Sparrow and seemed to get brainwashed. In addition, there was just a lot of political nonsense going on in King’s Landing. Jon Snow reveals himself to the wildlings and promptly executes Alliser Thorne, Olly and the other conspirators in his death for treachery.  The camera stops at Olly’s dead face which made the scene a bit exaggerated and uncomfortable. Snow leaves Castle Black, leaving Edd in charge of the Night’s Watch. Hopefully, he can finally take his fair place as King in the North, Huffington reveals.

Looks like the viewers might have to wait until Episode 5 “The Door” to finally find out what went down at the Tower of Joy. Why are there several high-profile knights to guard a single woman in a remote tower?  Is that because she was pregnant with Rhaegar’s baby, and that baby grew up to be Jon Snow a potential threat to Robert Baratheon’s legitimacy?

Now it sounds like next week will keep the fans wondering, one more time.