DNCE frontman Joe Jonas is a huge fan of HBO series Game of Thrones. The 26-year-old singer shared his thoughts about his favorite Westeros House and his theory on Jon Snow’s death and possible return to Season 6.

“I mean Game Of Thrones would be the top show to be a part of,” Joe Jonas told Capital FM. “I would probably want to be one of the people from the North. The dead people—the White Walkers. I would want to be a White Walker for sure.”

It’s a pretty odd choice, but a rather practical one since the White Walkers are a mystical, powerful group.

Like many of the show’s fans, Jonas is also fixated on the whether Jon Snow would return to the realm in Game of Thrones Season 6.

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“I think he’s definitely dead,” Jonas claimed. “But I think he’s going to come back this season. I think he’s going to be brought back with bad magic.”

His theory sounds very similar to that of many fans—that Melisandre, who possesses supernatural powers, may be able to resurrect Jon Snow from the dead in Game of Thrones Season 6.

He may want to be part of the evil White Walkers clan, but he’s definitely rooting for an epic Jon Snow comeback. Joe Jonas may be on the track, at least based on what actress Natalie Dormer hinted about Game of Thrones Season 6.

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“The TV show is really going to be unchartered territory… fresh snow,” the 34-year-old actress teased, as quoted by The Daily Mail. Dormer cleared out that it is “fresh material” since George R.R. Martin “delayed the publication of the next books.” She added that she purposely does not read the storylines of the other characters.

So is Jon Snow really back or not? Catch Game of Thrones Season 6 on HBO this April 24.