Gendry has been missing from “Game of Thrones” for three seasons now. Will he ever return before the series officially ends? The show’s next episode is called “Battle of the Bastards.” Most fans believe that the only bastards in question are Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton. But could Robert Baratheon’s missing bastard emerge and join in the battle as well?

His return has not been confirmed by HBO. But, according to Elite Daily, he might just show up in Season 6’s penultimate episode to help Cersei discredit her enemies. In last week’s episode, Qyburn and Cersei talked about “an old rumor” that could help her win over the Faith.

Most fans assumed they were referring to wildfire. But some speculate that Gendry might be her secret weapon instead.  Cersei can use him to dethrone Tommen and destabilize the Faith’s rule. However, as Buddy TV pointed out, this might be unlikely because Cersei does love her children. “She wouldn’t hurt him…just to gain some manner of power for herself,” the TV blog said.

Meanwhile, it might also be possible for Gendry to show up at the “Battle of the Bastards” itself to help Jon Snow take back the North for the Starks. He is, after all, friends with Arya. However, this also remains unconfirmed.

“Game of Thrones” Season 6 has been known to be a season of comebacks. The Hound and the Blackfish both reappeared after being left for dead in seasons past. Edmure Tully and Walder Frey were again seen this season for the first time since the infamous Red Wedding. Even Benjen Stark, who disappeared from the series after the first season, showed up out of nowhere in Episode 6. Could Gendry be the next character to finally return? Will he step in to help Jon fight Ramsay? Or will he be used by Cersei to challenge Tommen’s rule?