Despite a couple of lackluster episodes in the middle, Game of Thrones Season 6 is back in its form. The last two episodes, especially Episode 9, have set the stage for a promising finale next week.

There are loads of possibilities. There’s Khaleesi who’s got a new ally. There’s Sansa Stark who has just tasted revenge. There’s Jon Snow who has won a battle for his men.

However, the most critical angle still remains in the King’s Landing. Cersei is desperate to seek revenge against the High Sparrow after having been humiliated in public. In Episode 8, she literally declared a war against the religious leader by killing one of his Faith Militants.

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Cersei has said in the past that she does not care about the world. She cares about her son and her brother Jaime. Jaime has claimed that his sister, the mother of his three children, will “burn cities to ash” to protect her children.

This makes us wonder if she has dangerous plans for the King’s Landing. Now that trial by combat is banned, she must another way to escape punishment. She must also protect her son King Tommen, who seems to be heavily influenced by the High Sparrow at the moment.

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According to NME, Cersei may do what the Mad King could not. She may have plans to burn the King’s Landing, using the Wildfire. The Mad King could not burn the King’s Landing, as Jaime killed him before he could do that.

But, the Wildfire is still there beneath every house in the city. Bran had a vision, which may suggest that the King’s Landing is going to burn.

Now, Jaime saved the city from the Mad King. He embraced the detrimental nickname of “Kingslayer” by killing the one he was supposed to protect. That question is: will he save the city again? Is he going to kill his beloved Cersei to save the city from turning into ashes?

Considering the nature of unpredictability in the show, it is a definite possibility. Match that with this fan theory on Reddit. According to the theory, the Maggy prophecy says Cersei will be choked by her little brother.

While Cersei believes it’s Tyrion, but it’s practically impossible for him to kill her, since he’s on the other side of the world. This takes us to Jaime, who will have reasons to do that, if Cersei decides to burn the city.

The answer lies in Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale, which will air on Sunday.