Central in the upcoming episode of Game of Thrones Season 6, “Book of the Stranger,” is the Westeros religion called the Faith of the Seven. More particularly, it seems to be derived from a specific, more fearsome god: the Stranger, who represents death. Does this, by any chance, indicate the death of a major character in the fourth episode?

Sansa and Jon may or may not meet

Sansa Stark safely makes her way to Castle Black where she believes her half-brother Jon Snow currently is. The question now, however, is whether fate has kept Jon and Sansa from reuniting. The former already announced his departure from the Night’s Watch in “Oathbreaker.” Anyone who’s following the show knows not to have positive expectations when it comes to the Starks. It is likely that their paths won’t cross. But since the show did give viewers a happy moment with Jon’s resurrection, maybe Season 6 will indeed be celebratory for the Stark household.

Petyr Baelish rallies up the Vale to help Sansa

Littlefinger is more than remorseful for marrying Sansa to Ramsay Bolton. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Aidan Gillen reveals that a lot of what his character is up to is “atonement and really trying to align [himself] to the right people.”

In the preview for episode 4, Littlefinger is seen talking to Robin Arryn so it is possible he is readying an army in the Vale to help Sansa fight the Boltons.

Theon returns home

There are only two ways Theon’s homecoming could turn out: good or bad. For one, his sister doesn’t seem at all too pleased with his return especially with the impending kingsmoot. Theon’s arrival changes the game for Yara and Euron, both of whom have raised their claim on the Iron Islands leadership.

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Theon’s return could also be a story of redemption. Would he succeed his father as the new occupant of the Salt Throne?

Daenerys rescued from Vaes Dothrak

Jorah and Daario finally get close to Dany. They’ve been tracking her down since the star of Game of Thrones Season 6, and it seems their efforts have finally come into fruition. Jorah’s Greyscale is getting worse, and since there’s basically no hope for a cure it will be easy for him jump in front of a bullet for Dany if need be. So will he meet the Stranger in episode 4?

It is likely that their rescue mission goes smoothly with the help of others. Perhaps Drogon will swoop in to save his mommy like he did in episodes past.

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Actor Joseph Naufahu, who plays Khal Moro in the series, hints of “fireworks” between his character and Daenerys in an interview with Obsev. Although it sounds romantic at first, maybe “fireworks” really means fire from Drogon.

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