“Game of Thrones” fans can’t just wait for Season 6 to return and finally reveal Jon Snow’s fate. But no one is more excited about the season’s premiere than the show’s own stars.

The fifth season ended with Jon Snow being repeatedly stabbed by his Brothers in Black. The show’s actors have all been hounded by questions about his death ever since. Fans speculate that he might have survived the attack. Or if he did not, he could still come back from the dead. So, is the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch really dead? Or will he be resurrected? Below, we round up all the ways the show’s stars have deflected questions about it.

1. Does Davos Seaworth have the answers?

“He is dead,” Liam Cunningham told ABC News. But, of course, fans are not convinced. Cunningham would not say if Jon would be resurrected or not.

2. Will Theon Greyjoy confirm fans’ worst nightmare?

“No comment,” Alfie Allen said. “Ain’t sayin’ nothing. Yeah, nothing,” the actor added, laughing.

3. Can you trick Petyr Baelish into answering? 

Aidan Gillen told Esquire about a fan who tried to be sly with him. “He was like, ‘Oh my mate works on the show and gave Kit Harington a cigarette the other day’…[And I told him] ‘Harrington’s not even [expletive] filming on this. So, yeah nice try.’ But we were in the supermarket and he started getting real loud and telling me I’m a liar. Then I laughed, got some frozen food and went home.”

4. What does Ramsay Bolton have to say?

Iwan Rheon chose to talk about his character instead. “Some more horrific behavior and real disgraceful stuff…you wouldn’t want to take me home to meet your mother.”

5. Did the algorithm lie? 

According to Guardian, Jon only had “an 11% likelihood of death” based on an algorithm.