The Game of Thrones season 7 is delayed. But the series released a Game of Thrones bloopers to tide them over for the long wait.  The Game of Thrones is full of vengeance, power plays and mind games. Meanwhile, the behind-the-scenes are the opposite.

While the cast and crew are waiting for winter to set in for the season’s look, some of the cast went to Comic Con. Sophie Turner, Kit Harrington, Liam Cunningham and Peter Dinklage formed the Comic Con panel to delight fans and allay their hunger for more of the Game of Thrones details.

Based on the discussion, Sophie Turner affirms further that her character, Sansa Stark may have an ulterior motive for hiding her tactical move about calling the Knights of the Vale. Ultimately, her character does not believe in Jon.

Meanwhile, death-wise Liam Cunningham and John Bradley shared their death thoughts. Liam admitted he was just as shocked as everyone upon learning of Shireen’s death. John Bradley wishes his character, Sam, will have an ironic death through the books he loved, Wired notes. That would be one of the least violent death if David and Dan agrees to it.

Sophie Turner did not mince her words either and threatened to kill the producers. That’s if they will make the rumors of Sansa and Jon forming a romantic alliance. But first, Jon’s parentage needs to be determined. Though considering the show’s history, if siblings can do it, cousins are definitely a green light.

To make the Comic Con panel mood lighter, it ended by showing the Game of Thrones bloopers. From the looks of it, Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke have their tongues in a bind. Peter Dinklage has found the best tongue twister in benevolent.

Even the Hound with his hulking figure has found an uncooperative tree bark. Good enough the Hound was in a good mood.

Meanwhile Emilia Clarke has a hard time pronouncing the made up words to communicate her commands. For the fans of Jon Snow, there a good bit waiting too, courtesy of Melisandre. It was so good even Sophie Turner can’t help herself but hide her disbelief at the Kit’s quick display of modesty.

Thank the benevolent Game of Thrones bloopers to save you from the cold, bitter winter before season 7 airs.