NBC did not renew “Game of Silence” for a Season 2. Does that mean the series is moving on to Netflix or Hulu?

“Game of Silence” was a promising new drama on NBC. However, it is not renewing the show for Season 2. The season finale has now been dubbed as the series finale. “Game of Silence” is also not transferring to Netflix or Hulu so it is time to say goodbye.

The series had a great premise. Five friends, one dark secret past. The revenge drama was produced by the same people who made “CSI” and “Friday Night Lights.” However, its poor ratings was one of the reasons the show did not do too well and ended up being axed.

According to Carter Matt, there were many reasons that led to low ratings. Timing and scheduling were two of them. The publication states that the show premiered during spring which is already late for most shows. The other factor is that it landed a Thursday 10 p.m. time slot for broadcast. That did not help either.

Fans have taken to Twitter to vent their disappointment. “Sad that @nbc cancelled ‘Game of Silence’. I like that show,” said Twitter user Leah. “‘Game of Silence’ got cancelled WTF I’m pissed it better be picked up by Hulu or something,” added another user named Jennifer. Another user named Jordan was also mad that “Game of Silence” had ended.

According to Design N Trend, the show was based on a Turkish show called “Suskunlar.” It starred David Lyons, Michael Raymond-James, Larenz Tate, Bre Blair, and Claire van der Boom. The show is the story of four male friends who were sent to a juvenile facility following an incident. There is also a fifth friend, a girl. While they end up leading separate lives after being released from the facility, they reunite after a character assaults other men.

Fans take it to Twitter to express their disappointment: