“Game of Silence” Season 1’s dark, unpleasant and disturbing story were revealed as big reasons behind the cancellation of the show after ten episodes.

NBC cancelled the new American series recently without clear reason why they did after ten episodes. The big reason behind the move has been in secrecy until a leaked information came out.

According to Yibada, “Game of Silence” Season 1 failed to impress the network based from ratings. The audience seemed to dislike the series.

Main reason was the unpleasant story details in one of the episodes. The report cited that one fan named “Angeleys” revealed in one of the show’s episodes hinted physical abuse of young boys. From the fact that the story revolved around the abuse on young boys, it was a bit off but was initially considered.

However, though the episode clearly stated it was physical abuse, it gave the audience clues that the victims were not just physically but also sexually abused.

The fan said, “I think the abuse of teenage boys is exactly why it didn’t do well. I enjoyed the show but when I tried to get my father to watch it, he watched one episode and said it was too dark and depressing.”

“Excellent comment and so true about being able understand the trauma that boys and men experience in regards to sexual abuse,” another fan shared.

“I get you why it would really be difficult for a male audience to watch. You’re exactly right. Maybe next time?” @Rhyme and Reason mentioned.

Aside from the dark story, it was also mentioned that “Game of Silence” writers seemed to mismatch the audience’s needs in a particular group of people whom they want to sell the show to.

For the show, the fan explained that the story tried to target certain age bracket but the show was not able to cater the television demands from this group.

“This isn’t typically a show for women because of its structure and content, so the majority of its fan base needs to be men 18 to 45.”

“Unfortunately, that group needs sex appeal to sell a show and there wasn’t much of that in ‘Game of Silence,’” Angeleys added.

The report also emphasized the production’s desire to create an attention through unique, “trashy” television shows. Some fans liked the show so much because it was quality show they craved for long.

Yet, it clearly failed. Now, “Game of Silence” searched for a new home after NBC dumped it.

Meanwhile, Netflix Life reported that “Game of Silence” might be picked up by Netflix after its cancellation from NBC.

Yet, the source stated that the said  television company would not likely have this show streamed in this service since they base every show in terms of ratings.

Sad to say that “Game of Silence” Season 1 was not able to impress the audience and the network from the initial airing, it would be impossible for Netflix to have this series included in their streaming.