“Game of Thrones” biggest revelation is here and it drops hint that Jon Snow first name has been found.

With the mystery of Jon Snow first name “Game of Thrones” is now kind of playing a sequel line Rumpelstiltskin story where an imp graced three days to the Queen to find out his name. In return, he promised let go of her newborn son.

In the season finale of season 6 “The Winds of Winter,” we saw Ned finds his dying sister Lyanna Stark and takes her newborn son as his bastard. While handing over the infant Lyanna whispered something into Ned’s ear. Her lips movements read out like this: “His name is”, and then what follows appears to be a three syllable word that seems to start with a J. The scene confirmed that Jon Snow would have been born with a regal forename, says Zimbio.


One Redditor for “Game of Thrones” highly speculates the words as Jaehaerys. This makes a lot of sense as Jon is the son of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. Rhaegar is the grandson Jaehaerys I and son of Jaehaerys II. Since both previous Jaehaerys were  be good Targaryen Kings, it wouldn’t be surprising to know that Jon is carrying their name.

Jaehaerys was the King to receive the ORIGINAL PROPHECY about the prince who was promised from the woods witch with Jenny of Oldstones. This prophecy made the King force his children Aerys and Rhaella to marry. There was a prediction that the PTWP would be born of their line.

Next, come Prince Rhaegar who was aware of this prophecy. While he initially thought that he was the PTWP, the Prince discovered later he was not and that it would be one of his children. This eventually led to an illegitimate relationship between him and Lyanna Stark. Later, she conceived Prince’s child (the future Jon Snow).

Lyanna is the younger sister of  Eddard Stark. Prince Rhaegar kidnapped and seduced her to get his third child.  At the ‘Tower of Joy‘, Lyanna handed over her newborn child to Ned because he is a potential threat to Robert Baratheon’s legitimacy. Thus to protect the infant, Ned named him as Jon Snow, inspired by  the name of Jon Arryn, a father figure to Ned.

Now we wonder, how Jon Snow will react  when he discovers he is from Targaryen bloodline. What do you think of big revelation of Jon Snow first name?