Last week we broke the news of Brexit effects on “Game of Thrones” seventh season. The news may have upset the fans but the spoilers and non-spoilers are doing a great job in easing the tension. The spoilers hinted at the possibility of a new matrimonial ally (Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow) in the “Game of Thrones” scenario. Besides that, the show may highlight the increasing tension between a King in the North and his half-sister Sansa. Here is the story in details.

In the season 6 finale episode, Targaryen Daenerys quietly called Daario Naharis into her office for a meeting. She threw him away, despite actually loving him. Her motto was to free herself up for a political matrimony in the Seven Kingdoms. Moreover, there’s one marriage candidate who is the most potent one. He is none other than Daenerys’ nephew, Jon Snow says The Raw Story.

In “Game of Thrones’ season 7 Daenerys is coming to Westeros with a menacingly strong resolve to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. However, winning is not the only thing Daenerys is aiming for. She wants to build a stable order, which requires getting buy-in from the great lords of Westeros.

Most of the great lords of the Seven Kingdoms we used to know are dead. Either there is a new generation—or sometimes by no one at all. Three candidates in the line for Daenerys to marry are Robin Arryn, Lord of the Vale; Euron Greyjoy, of the Iron Islands; and Jon Snow, King in the North. Robin is too young, and Daenerys is all set to begin her invasion by crashing Euron. That leaves Jon Snow.

Moreover, Targaryens were known for inbreeding. For Daenerys getting hooked to Jon Snow makes a huge amount of sense. If things fall in place Snow will be the second most powerful lord in Westeros after Queen Cersei. He’ll also be on the front lines of the war with the White Walkers, plus has plenty of reasons to hate the Lannisters and the crown. iDigitalTimes quoted Snow as a perfect ally for Daenerys to defeat the Lannisters.

Season 7 of “Game of Thrones” will also reveal more about the increasing tension between Jon Snow and his half-sister princess Sansa Stark. More than the Iron Throne, Sansa wants recognition for the effort that she put in, for Jon’s win against Ramsay Bolto. Unfortunately, she is not getting acknowledgments. And her hatred has been fueled by her mother and Littlefinger. This conflict can be a major problem in the Great War to come, assumes MTV News.

For more updates on Daenerys Targaryen “Game of Thrones” stay tuned.