Game of Thrones Season 7 is still months away but viewers are craving for an update. Worry no more because Kit Harington is here to drop hints about his character, Jon Snow. This article might contain spoilers for the next season so read at your own risk.

Jon Snow has been a phenomenal and essential character for the previous seasons. In fact, the public held their breath when some men from the Night Watch almost stabbed him to death.

Fortunately, Melisandre revived our beloved character, who then won at the Battle of the Bastards at the end of Season 6. Now, Harington brings forth Jon Snow’s fate during his interview with The Wrap.

First, he admitted that he is coming back in Season 6. To add more drama, the showrunners made him do an oath of secrecy. However, he felt bad about not telling some of his coworkers, including Sophia Turner, who portrays Sansa Stark.

“We’re all very pally with each other on our set, we’re like family, and she genuinely feels like a little sister to me. So I guess I kind of played tricks on her like an older brother would,” he said.

Then, Harington spilled something about his character’s fate in Game of Thrones Season 7. According to the website, there would only be subtle changes.

Then again, Winds of Winter author George R.R. Martin might add twists to Jon Snow’s destiny after he successfully avenged her sister Sansa Stark. The viewers might find Snow with a new objective in the next chapter, so stay tuned.

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Meanwhile, Turner has something to say as well about her character’s fate. As per Variety‘s interview, she revealed that perhaps she might become a villain and sadistic just like her demised husband Bolton Ramsay.

Meanwhile, she could also form an alliance with her brother Jon. There might also be a possibility that Sansa Stark will die since the show is known for unexpected deaths.

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