Game of Thrones Season 7 will be seeing a brand-new character vying for the Iron Throne. No, it’s not a House. It’s none other than Republican nominee Donald Trump who’s aspiring to be the next President of the United States.

Donald Trump has always said the most outlandish statements and advocates for extreme measures especially regarding radical Islam. Due to his ruthless personality and politics, an ingenious fan of Game of Thrones inserted Donald Trump in the series.

The video shows Trump rejecting Daenerys’ plea to accept her famished and exhausted people. Tyrion finds Trump’s statements tautological and downright illogical. Even Petyr Baelish doubts Trump when the Republican candidate categorizes himself as a nice person.

Leave it to Donald Trump to manage to insult Jon Snow and question his decisions, too. At the very least he gets his promised wall. He also gets his highly desired and specified “big fat door.”

The video then shows the Wildlings waiting to come in “legally” through the door.

Due to security threats posted by the radical Islamic group ISIS, Donald Trump has campaigned extensively to ban Muslims from entering America. Not only that, Trump also sees the number of illegal immigrants from Mexico and other South American countries as a huge problem that contributes to America’s current state.

Thus, the GOP nominee proposed to build a wall. He further states in his campaign that a nation without borders is not a nation. The controversial wall, in Trump’s perspective, will help mitigate the influx of immigrants coming from Mexico. However, as shown in the video, Trump only sees the immigration freeze as a temporary policy.

Aside from the controversial wall that he gets in the video, Donald Trump also sees torture as the only way to fight ISIS and their beheadings. The Game of Thrones parody shows Trump repeating his promise to bring back waterboarding and other forms of worse torture. The video then implies Donald Trump will be very willing to follow the Mad King’s plan to unleash the wildfire if need be.

If GOP candidate Donald Trump does not win the elections, it will be comforting for him to know he can easily sign up for Game of Thrones season 7. He does not need to act out any character written by the producers or by the creators, too. He just needs to be himself and say what’s on his mind. He’ll fit right in.