A few days back, we handed over some non-spoilers that revealed Sansa Stark might meet her last in Game of Thrones Season 7. The latest update about the season says even Arya Stark is under a death threat. Will Arya Stark die in Game of Thrones Season 7?

While fans of the fantasy series are clamoring for more information regarding the show, this new piece of news might not be a very pleasant one for Maisie Williams’ fans.  She is Arya Stark in the HBO series.

For those who are not aware who Arya Stark is, here’s a brief intro.

Arya Stark is the third child and second daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and his wife Lady Catelyn Stark. The character is stubborn, independent and disdains conventional female pursuits. That’s why she is often mistaken for a boy. She wields a sword named Needle, a gift from her half-brother Jon Snow. Stark is trained in the Braavosi style of sword fighting.

The newly developed speculation about Arya Stark’s future in Game of Thrones Season 7:

Lately, Maisie Williams updated her Twitter account with a shocking post that reads: “S**t gets real.”

What led to such tweet?

It has been revealed that the 19-year-old star had finished reading the script for Game of Thrones Season 7. She clarified the post with some hints. According to her, she had started to prepare fans for future incidences. Will it be that bad?

In her words: “I’d start preparing yourselves now.”

Soon her tweets were followed by a couple more posts. One of them was “Scratch that, nothing will prepare you for this,” and another one reads “holy BALLS”.

Game of Thrones Season 7 is expected to return in mid-2017. Why does she need to prepare fans one year in advance?

Is she indicating an approaching disaster for Arya Stark?  Will this House of Stark member die soon?  Whatever the reason is, Maisie Williams’ tweets have certainly stoked the flames of fan ire, says Vanity Fair.

While killing regular mainstays is a common thing for shows these days, we shouldn’t jump to a conclusion so soon.  How the fate of Arya Stark in Game of Thrones Season 7 will shape up, only time will tell.