Lady Stoneheart is the biggest missing piece in Game of Thrones Season 6. Season after season, fans have been hoping to see her return to the realm and execute the ultimate revenge against the Lannisters and their co-conspirators. With the Brothers Without Banners’ surprising introduction in The Broken Man, is Lady Stoneheart’s highly-awaited appearance nigh?

Initially, Game of Thrones producers stated that they have no plans of bringing back Lady Stoneheart. Actress Michelle Fairley also said in an interview that her character is really dead. But as nothing is set in stone, perhaps the show’s creators had a change of heart and decided that Lady Stoneheart’s return is imminent as it is essential?

In The Broken Man, Lem Lemoncloak and two other members of the Brothers Without Banners killed an entire community in which The Hound is a part of. While everyone else was killed, The Hound was left untouched. Game of Thrones Season 6 spoilers suggests that Lady Stoneheart could’ve ordered the Brothers Without Banners to keep The Hound alive since he was the last person who travelled with Arya before she disappeared from Westeros.

Actor Jóhannes Haukur, who plays Lem Lemoncloak, even teased a potential Lady Stoneheart appearance through a series of tweets. He also shared an article from The Independent about potential Game of Thrones Season 6 spoilers.

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Another reason to believe Lady Stoneheart’s resurrection on the show is the fact that Thoros of Myr (Paul Kaye) will appear in Game of Thrones episode 8 and 10. As stated on IMDB, actor Paul Kaye will reprise his role as the Red Priest. Fans of the books may recall that Thoros of Myr used the power granted to him by the Lord of Light in order to bring Catelyn Stark back to life. With the help of Beric Dondarrion’s sacrifice, Catelyn was resurrected, although not as they expected. Her physical and emotional scars didn’t completely heal. With Dondarrion out of the picture, Lady Stoneheart takes over the leadership of the Brothers Without Banners, hell-bent on accomplishing her quest for vengeance.

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Are the Game of Thrones Season 6 spoilers accurate and will Lady Stoneheart finally appear on the show? Game of Thrones Season 6 airs every Sunday on HBO.