HBO has been very committed to cracking down leaks, but it appears that one minor slip up by HBO Nordic caused the unintended early release of Game of Thrones Season 6 episode 5, titled The Door.

Twenty-four hours before episode 5’s expected release, a high-quality copy made its rounds in Torrent websites and other free-for-download platforms. However, the source of the leaked material was not traced back to hackers but to HBO’s very own Nordic website. According to The Independent, a screenshot proves that the video was made available on HBO Nordic’s website before being taken down hours later.

According to a Redditor named Ozires, The Door brings fans to where the White Walkers actually come from. This coincides with the official episode 5 preview, which shows Bran Stark coming face to face with the Night’s King. As theory suggested, it appears that the Night’s King can detect Bran when he travels through space and time. In his vision, the Night’s King grabs Bran’s hand and gives him a “mark.” Bran and company prepare to leave the tree as the Three-Eyed Raven warns that the White Walkers are coming after him, but it may already be too late for them to escape.

In response to Ramsay Bolton’s threat and information about Rickon Stark being held captive in Winterfell, Sansa Stark and Jon Snow devise a plan to reclaim the leadership of the North by evaluating which houses are loyal to them and would help them with their cause. Jon and Sansa ride out to pay the other northern houses a visit, leaving Eddison Tollett in command of Castle Black.

Sansa also meets Petyr Baelish at a brothel in Mole’s Town. Over at Meereen, Tyrio and Varys ask for help from another Red Priestess named Kinvara.

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Finally, and perhaps the most revealing of all is the story about how Hodor can utter no other word but “Hodor.”

This isn’t the first “accidental” release related to Game of Thrones Season 6. Last week, HBO published the titles and synopses of episodes 6 and 7, Movie Fone reports. Episode 6, titled Blood of My Blood, will show Jaime Stark facing off with the High Sparrow. On the other hand, episode 7’s The Broken Man has a big takeaway: “The North is reminded.”

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Game of Thrones Season 6 episode 5 arrives tonight on HBO.